Service Contents

Sai Kung District Health Centre Express provides three levels of disease prevention services, including health risk assessment and chronic disease screening to help residents manage their health, as well as identifying health problems at early stage and provide early treatment.

People who live or work in Sai Kung and Tseung Kwan O can bring along their residential address proofs and identity documents to the centre for member registration, and take free Basic Heath Risk Assessment and consultation. then participate in various disease prevention programmes according to their individual needs.

  • Provide health promotion and disease prevention activities: Members can participate in a series of free health talks and group activities. Themes include but are not limited to: healthy diet, weight management, fall prevention training, chronic disease prevention, counseling on smoking cessation and stress management. 
  • Basic Health Risk Assessment and management of health risk factors
  • Disease screening – diabetes, hypertension

    Medical Staff of the District Health Centre Express will provide free health risk assessment for members. If a member is found to be at risk of hypertension or diabetes is found, he/she will be referred to the Network Medical Practitioners of the Health Centre Express for further examination and diagnosis. Once diagnosed with high blood pressure or diabetes by a Network Medical Practitioner, he/she will be eligible to join the Centre’s Level 3 Prevention Service.

  • Patient Empowerment Programme – for patients with illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, low back pain and osteoarthritic (OA) knee pain 
  • Individual healthcare guidance and support
  • Smart fitness equipment for resistance training

  • Primary medical and rehabilitation home care services for the needy or those in remote districts
  • Self-management programme for patients awaiting knee replacement surgery 

  • Encouraging people with diabetes and hypertension to engage in self-management using SKDHCE’s web portal resources

  • Dementia screening and training programme